Solange Taught Them: 13 Of The Best On-Screen Family Feuds Ever  was originally published on

1. Put ‘Em Up!

Put ‘Em Up!

2. Shelia vs. Mike, “Why Did I Get Married”

3. Michael vs. Fredo, “The Godfather: Part 2″

4. Miss Sophia vs. Miss Millie, “The Color Purple”

5. Celie vs. Albert, “The Color Purple”

6. Vanessa vs. Denise “The Cosby Show”

7. Simba vs. Scar, “The Lion King”

8. Doughboy vs. Ricky, “Boyz n the Hood”

9. Duck vs. J.T., “The Five Heartbeats”

10. Kathryn vs. Sebastian, “Cruel Intentions”

11. Teri vs. The Family, Soul Food

12. Loki vs. Thor, “Last Fight”