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Let’s get ready to rumble!

The Hip-Hop world is ready for Saturday’s “Verzuz” battle between Ludacris and Nelly but one of the St. Lunatics are making some waves about one of the participants. Ali took to Instagram to air out some issues he’s had with Luda, saying that the ATL rapper has stolen from Nelly throughout his career.

Now before you scroll down, Ali makes it known that the views and opinions expressed by Ali do not state or reflect those of The St. Lunatics. However, you can check the comment section to get a feeling if the team agrees or not.

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1. The “Air Force One Sneak Diss”

In the first post, Ali talks about how Ludacris “sneak dissed” Nelly at the beginning of his hit single “Stand Up.” He says that Luda’s stomp in the huge Nike Air Force 1 shoe was his way of saying he “stomps harder in his Air Force 1’s.”


3. Luda Does Country… Like Nelly?

In 2004, Nelly teamed up with Country star Tim McGraw for the song ” Over and Over.” What did Luda do a couple of years later? He teamed up with country star Jason Aldean on the remix to his hit “Dirt Road Anthem.” Hmmm

4. Farm Animals, Mo?

Yea, while it wasn’t the first time ever… We talking about Farm Animals. On IG, Ali said “Then it only got worse from that point….. I mean he started stealing everything we did….. even if we did something like put farm animals in our records …..then guess what he would do next??? … yes you guessed correctly he would put farm animals in his record. I’m not lying, I’m not making this stuff up see for yourself !!

5. P-Poppin’ Vs. Tip Drill

Things that make you go hmmm? In 2000, Nelly releases the BET Uncut classic song and video “Tip Drill.” In 2003, Ludacris drops “P-Poppin” but the story on why Tip Drill was created should be told on the big screen if true.Β