Meghan OMG

Meghan O first hit the St. Louis music scene in 2005 getting early on-air exposure while attending St. Louis Community College- Florissant Valley working for the campus station KCFV-89.5 The Wave. She then moved up the local radio network food chain in 2007 becoming an on-air host and Promotional Assistant with Radio-One St. Louis working with WFUN 95.5 and WHHL Hot 104.1. For as long as she could remember, Meghan O has always been musically inclined and radio savvy. As a little girl, Meghan faithfully called in to request songs and participate in contests held on local radio stations as she memorized the hot line numbers as if they were 911. She would even record songs and pretend she was an "on-air" using a premonition of her future as motivation for her present. Meghan O brings an incredible, upbeat energy through your radio speakers and has the uncanny ability to connect with and relate to our urban youth having lived here in St. Louis all her life. When off the air, Meghan dedicates her time to “being a mommy” to her two toddler boys, mentoring high school students, and hosting various community functions. She vows to preserve her hometown's glory days striving to become a regular household brand name. Meghan O takes pride in her city and follows a simple life value system of love, family, and spirituality. She truly enjoys laughing to relieve everyday stress, uplifting other's spirits, and occasional ice cream bends leftover from her first job at an ice cream shop lol Tune into Meghan O’s on-air segment on weekends with WHHL Hot 104.1 and check her out on social media at: Instagram: @MeghanOMG Twitter: @MeghanOMG