Fellas, were you ever just watching a movie or the news and a female popped up on the screen and you say to yourself. ..”Man, she can get it!!!!”
Well, here’s my top 10. ..but not necessarily in this order. ..(that can get it)

  1. Rosario Dawson -Actress
  2. Erin Andres – ESPN Anchorwoman
  3. Alicia Keys – R&B Singer
  4. Sannai Lathan – Actress
  5. Natasha Curry – CNN Anchorwoman
  6. Jenn Sterger – New York Jets reporter that Brett Farve was “sexting”
  7. Nicki Minaj – Rapper (only because her body is freaking ridiculous)
  8. Sofia Vergara – Spanish chick from Modern Family
  9. Beyonce – R&B/Pop Singer
  10. Shakira – Pop Singer

So…..tell me, who are your list of “chicks that can get it”???

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