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Is Sweetie Pies Still Open?

Sweetie Pies

Source: OWN

We all are talking about the allegations about Tim, which still puzzles me but let me start off and send a prayer out to Ms. Robbie and her family. I wanted to make this post to discuss how AMAZING the food has been. Yes, I was hungry but I was also being nosey when I drove pass Sweetie Pies. I was talking to a friend and she said they was closed. I was like nawww can’t be. I went pass the line was out the door. So me being me I grabbed my mask and hopped in line. The food was A1. Im a sides girl so I literrally got all of the sides. Greens, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, dressing, everything! What sides do you like? What’s your go to? Of course it was mumbling about Tim and everything that’s been on the blogs, but business is open.


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