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There is a protest going down in Chicago for…R. Kelly??/

Yes, several men and WOMEN are marching the streets of Chicago demanding the release of R&B singer R. Kelly. :

Footage emerged earlier today of alleged Free R. Kelly protests happening in Chicago. Men and women gathered through the streets demanding justice for the singer as well as his freedom. The chants varied from “Free R. Kelly” to “Where were the parents,” while carrying a massive banner reading, “Justice For R. Kelly.” 

The protest arrives days after Kelly’s lawyer filed another motion to the judge complaining about the possibility of his case being pushed back. The trial date is set to Oct. 20, 2020 but due to COVID, there’s a chance it might be delayed even further. “They cite, primarily, that pandemic and its related difficulties, including the need to quarantine witnesses, and the difficulties associated with the trial of this magnitude in the current environment,” his lawyer stated, per The Blast.

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