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#CRWN A Conversation With Elliott Wilson And Megan Thee Stallion

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

We are so happy to see that Megan Thee Stallion is doing okay. Today, she took to Instagram to update her fans on her recovery, thanking them and answer any questions that we all wanted to know in a tearful video.

July 12, Megan Thee Stallion was allegedly shot in her feet by Tory Lanez. That night, she and another woman were in a car with the rapper. The initial reports alleged that Megan had cut her feet on broken glass in the car, but she later confirmed she had been shot in the feet; there was also surveillance footage of the incident shows her limping barefoot from the vehicle as police arrived.

At the end of the video, Megan concluded โ€œI just want yโ€™all to know a bitch is alive and well and strong as fโ€” and ready to get back to my regular programming,โ€

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