I always let my son watch learning videos but I recently wanted him so see people on tv that look like him or people that look like his family and friends. I went to youtube and typed in African American learning videos. The first video that appear was Akili and Me. And YES HE LOVED Akili! I was a lil scarred because if he didn’t we was going back to the old crew who kept his attention. Just incase you are trying to find your child a new show check them out!

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Akili is a curious 4-year-old who lives with her family at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. She has a secret: every night when she falls asleep, she enters the magical world of Lala Land, where she and her animal friends learn all about language, letters, numbers and art, while developing kindness and coming to grips with their emotions and rapidly changing toddler lives

Research by the University of Maryland shows that kids who watch Akili and Me perform better in counting, shape recognition, language skills and fine motor development!



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