Today’s topic comes from a female listener,

“This is about my bestie. Who is like my little sister. I’m 5 years older than her and we have been friends over 6 years. Now she lives with 2 of her biological sisters and nieces. They were adopted kids and they been in this same house since my friend was 16 and now she is 22. The parents aren’t in the picture and they live in a house that their uncle are letting them use rent free. Neither one has a job so they sell their food stamps to try and pay utilities and other bills. This is the problem the oldest sister makes the younger sister sell her food stamps to pay the bills so she can buy food with her food stamps, but when she buys the food she tell her younger sister she can’t eat anything because she didn’t buy it. I began giving my friend my card so she could stop starving. I would give her money, food, tissues, soap, and personal things. So after I did all that the older sister and I had some words and I don’t want to be a dirty B****, but I’m thinking of the safety of the child that she has on the way that they don’t know about. The house they are living in is infested with bugs and they have a serious mold problem. I’m not calling child services because that’s the only place that have to live and it might get the kids taken. I know if I tell her that the house isn’t fit to have a newborn she is just going to want to fight. I want to continue to help but her sister has pushed me to my ends. I just don’t want them to take the risk with a newborn in that infested house. I would love to hear someone else take on this situation. They can’t live with me, I don’t have room for my 3 kids right now. What would you do?”

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