Today’s topic comes from a female listener,


Getting straight to it, I’m pregnant (4 months) by my business partner. He is married and we have been dealing for 3 years now. His wife knows about me and at one point she showed up at my house. When I first got pregnant he told me he would pay for the abortion, he didn’t want any more children, he already has three, 2 with his wife and one from when he was young. I couldn’t go through with the abortion, I couldn’t take my child’s life. He stopped coming over and staying the night after he found out I wasn’t having an abortion so our relationship is strictly business now. But, he tells me there is no love between his wife and him, and that he’s staying with her for the kids. His brother asked me if I was pregnant by him, and I wasn’t’ gonna lie about that. Next thing you know he’s cussing me out on text message saying he wants his abortion money back.

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He has not told his wife. I told him that we can’t hide this forever and he needs to tell his wife because she’s gonna find out. It’s not like she doesn’t know about me. My question is, do you think I should tell his wife?


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