Today’s topic comes from a female listener,


My daughter is almost 8 years old.. Her father is in federal prison and she never really knew her father because of him being in and out of jail. He has had plenty of chances to clean up his act, but he chose the street life every time over taking care of his daughter with me and his other 2 kids with his other child mama. I have done every and anything to support my daughter, and raise her right with no assistance. I am all she knows. I just got word that he is going to be released early because of Covid and I’m praying that when he gets released he won’t try to see her or be in her life. I know he will go right back to the streets. I don’t want her to be a part of that what so ever. I don’t want her to have anything to do with him. Is this so wrong that I don’t want her around her dead beat father. I am trying to protect her in any way that I can. I know he has rights to see her, because he is the father, but still, he hasn’t been there for one birthday party or even the first day of school. When he was out he was absent and his whole family has been absent. I can count on my hands how many time he has seen her in her life. The story is much longer but just wanted to get other people’s opinions on me blocking him from seeing her.

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