What Should my 8-Month-Old Be Doing?

Princess Stormm & Ace

Source: AG Photography / Reagan Elam

  • Sitting. Your baby can probably sit up by theirself—but you’ll still need to catch him sometimes—and is beginning to lean over to pick up toys.
  • Moving and grooving. After sitting comes rolling, crouching, twisting and rocking while kneeling. All of this is gearing up for crawling (if he hasn’t yet!). When baby’s on the floor, he’s in constant motion!
  • Getting ready to crawl. Some 8-month-olds who are not crawling are rolling around, “creeping” or scooting to get where they want to go. If your 8-month-old is not crawling, she’s still within the normal range; some babies crawl closer to 10 months. Others skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking!


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