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So me and my bm have been together for 6 years. Recently we have decided to take a break because we just cant get it right. We both have trust issues but we both wanna be together. We are always arguing and it even started to affect our kids. We have 2 kids together and she has one outside of me. This passed April i decided to get my own house because i need her to know that im serious about leaving her if we cant get it together. For the pass couple of weeks i have been staying at her house. And we have been doing real good. We have been getting along. We haven’t been arguing. We even discussed having another baby. Well a couple of days ago my job told me i can leave work early. So i decided to surprise her by coming home early. When i pulled up to her house i see another man car in the driveway. Apparently the man was staying the night there that night. I didn’t get mad i didn’t cause a scene i just politely left her house and went back to my house. I’m not gon lie my feelings were hurt. She even called and tried to apologize. But honestly we aint together so i can’t really be mad. But heres the kicker. Last night i was at home chillin and drinkin. One of my friends calls me and ask me can she come over. At first i thought to myself nawlll because im trying to get back with my ex. But then i thought about it and i said to myself well my ex had somebody over her house so i should be able to have a friend over so i told her that’s cool come on over. Well my ex gf her sister stays down the street from me. It just so happened that my ex was over my sister house. She seen the woman pull up to my house and she decided to make a bigggggggg scene. So my question is how am i suppose to handle this situation?????

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