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Hello please share my story if possible. I am in a relationship with my son’s father. I’m not perfect, my ex and I had a few encounters in the early stages of this relationship but once I figured out this was real I stopped. My son just turned 4 and I posted some pictures of his birthday party and out of the blue I get a call from my ex saying he needed to speak to me in person. I’m thinking something is really wrong like hes dying or in trouble. He drove 4 hours from Chicago to ask is my son his because they look alike and dates and he never stopped loving me. We haven’t had any encounters in almost 5 years but he won’t step off. My boyfriend laughed because he knows everything and said “he will end him if he came around talking sh**.” I blocked him from my cell and all of my social pages. Usually men run from fatherhood but he’s now texting from other numbers talking about he’s taking me to court for a DNA test because this is his son. He’s now texting at least 2-3 times a week. He acts like he lost his mind. If I didn’t own my own business I would change my number but all of my money is on this number. My guy said hell no, I’m not doing DNA test, but should I just so he leaves me alone? Then my boyfriend will be pissed off. Help

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