Today’s topic comes from a female listener,


Put this as your topic of the day Lil D.

Ok so the HIV rate in St. Louis alone is high. I got a problem a girl I used to call my friend for many years. She has HIV and I told her too many time that she needs to disclose that to her partners. When I say partner’s I mean it more than ten that I know of but here is where I’m lost, after I told her she was wrong and told her that I can’t judge her but wrong is wrong she continues doing it.

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So I took it upon myself to warm a few of the men I know. Man was that dumb, they went right back and said I told them she had it. She said she never denied it. It just made me mad that I told them. So I’m lost on to why tell an help people if they’re dumb enough to think she will be honest now? How can you be someone’s friend and not be real with them, hell I would kill her if she messed around with my man I’m just saying.

There is this married man out here walking dead, plus some men in high places walking dead a few local artist walking dead. I know a man two years ago died because of her package so I don’t get it? Am I wrong for telling the men? Why are people giving away these non curable STDs and not telling ppl? What else can I do?


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