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You see the signs….at protest, yard signs, on social media. We know our lives matter but do you think they believe our lives matter. We all have the white friend that is cool and understands the struggle. That person is usually invited to the barbeque. Could be your girlfriend, bestfriend, or the cool white guy that plays ball with the crew. But what about the white people who live in rural areas. You know, Karen! She often calls the police on black people for just doing normal things in her white environment. She is offended when we are in spaces where she thinks we shouldn’t be. Karen like some rap music. She says the “N” word when is comes up in her favorite songs. She sees nothing wrong with it t all. She lives in her upper middle class neighborhood and only encounters black people at the grocery store and sporting events. Karen actually loves our culture. She’s intrigued by black hair and black fashion but would never admit it to her friends. Is Karen ready to march with the hundreds of thousands of other whites who are now protesting and saying “Black Lives Matter”? If Karen is not ready to march then we are not ready for change


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