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I’m listening to 104.1 right now can the community help answer my question.

Slavery is something that can never be forgiven or forgotten. But for those of us who grew up in a different time. Poor as well cause I grew up with dope fiends. Why target the white race individual. Poverty hurts all. We protest together. We are hurting our community our mom n pop stores. I buried my mother yesterday and I understand the feeling of hate and anger .i just moved out of the village. I was one of the few white people there. But I bought a badass football for the kids. Ice cream man finally grew nuts I went out n dropped 50 on all the kids.

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On behalf of those who aren’t privilege or given a dime. For those who only have a few friends and they are a different skin tone. Sorry long msg but I like positivity. I was trying to organize trunk or treats or Easter egg hunts. Nothing I actually got called names n knocked out..ty plx reach out for us who do care to conquer the land. Divide the people. Create hate. And disarm the citizens. God bless have a good day

White people want to know what they can do to help.


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