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The NBA Board of Governors announced the NBA’s return today, making it one of two professional sports leagues with a solid plan to return (with the other being the NHL). If the NBA’s return goes according to plan we’ll be seeing the top 22 teams head to the Disney Sports Complex in Orlando, FL.

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Watch Rachel Nichols and Adrian Wojnarowski break down the newly approved 2019-20 NBA Season (via The Jump on ESPN):


The NBA’s return will tentatively look like this:

  •  Training Camp will be held July 9th -11th
  •  The remaining ’19-’20 NBA season will be played July 31st – October 12th.
  •  The NBA (Draft) Lottery will be held on August 25th.
  •  The NBA Draft will be held on October 15th (location TBD).
  •  Free Agency will start on October 18th.
  •  Training camp for the ’20-’21 season will begin on November 10th.
  •  The ’20-’21 NBA Season will begin on December 1st, just in time for Christmas.


Here are the 22 teams that’ll be heading to Orlando to finish out the season:


Now some people have reservations about the NBA finishing the 2019-20 season, in the midst of global turmoil. But here’s how NBA Commissioner Adam Silver addressed questions concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.


As for the NBA dealing with racism, they’ve held multiple live streams on social media with both current and past NBA players discussing everything from police brutality to health inequity. Watch some of the conversations below:



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