Today’s topic comes from a female listener,


Good morning D, this is a Long post I’m sorry!

I have a friend, she’s 32yrs old. She was with her ex for 13yrs have 2 children and she’s pregnant. She broke up with her children’s father about 4mos ago. She was extremely devastated but she knew she had to make the choice or it wasn’t going to end well. I’ve been knowing them both for about 10yrs. With their 1st child, the ni**a was golden. With their 2nd he wasn’t the same, my friend called me crying he put his hands on her while she was pregnant choked her & pulled her braids out. Like a fool she forgave him & he said he changed. That worked for a little while.

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Then she got pregnant 3rd child & decided she couldn’t take no more so she left him & his controlling insecure ways. All because she talks to guys from her neighborhood she grew up with. He talks to her reckless tell her she ain’t sh*t, bi**hes hoes, etc. So she’s been doing better but she had feelings she decided to express to him. Why? I don’t know but his response was so hateful & hurtful my friend called me breaking down. She’s 7mos pregnant with a 12-year-old and 2-year-old. In so many words his msg stated his biggest f*ck up was getting her pregnant with their oldest. She never loved him, she’s free now so all them classmate friends she grew up with go f*ck them and get maybe they can help get her head right like he tried. & how she been yearning to entertain ni**as etc. how she can just give him his kids so she can go live the childhood life she never got too.

Given the fact that she’s been through hell. Touched at an early age, issues with her parents, etc. She finally calmed down. Now, she’s a sweetheart. She never downs this man. She took care of him & their child when he landed in a f**ked up position where he couldn’t take care of himself. He’s back living home with his mom, he’s 35yrs old. He’s not working at the moment. & he drives a car that’s in her name. I told her to go take it. I get it my friend is a good person with a good heart, but he has crossed too many lines. & just like he says f*ck her I told her she should say f*ck him. She paid it off. She let him get it when she got her another one. Before he became so damn hateful & disrespectful. Him finding transportation isn’t her responsibility. Am I a bad friend for telling her that?


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