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You can use my story for the topic of the day. I am almost one year removed from a long term relationship with my children’s father. He was a cheater and very verbally abusive to me and my kids. I have never denied him from seeing the kids but I have always wanted to be present during his visitations because of his temper. Here is my issue, yes he is a family friend, yes he knew my family before we begin dating, he hangsĀ out and plays basketball with my brother but the problem I have is he is been welcomed it to every holiday gathering at our house. Not by my brother but by my parents yes he was over for Memorial Day and now I find out he has been invited for the 4th. I moved back home to get rid of him and I just don’t feel like this is right. I have told my parents several times that our relationship is OVER and to stop inviting him to our family functions HE IS NOT FAMILY but I feel like my mom is still trying to make our relationship work.

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I understand they want him around the kids but I told my mom and dad about his temper and his issues but they still treat him like he is their “son”. I do currently have a male friend but I don’t feel like we are on that level to where he could be invited over for a family function but what if we were? And he is sitting up in the house? This would cause some type of issue so where do I go from here.

This is my parents house, not my house but I don’t want my ex hanging around. I need your help




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