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Detroit Pistons v Washington Bullets

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Episodes 3 & 4 of the documentary “The Last Dance” premiered Sunday, April 26 on ESPN and featured stories and retrospectives on Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson. Within episode 3 of the documentary on Dennis Rodman, there is a portion that focuses on the literal HARDEST team in the eastern conference at the time, the Detroit Pistons. More specifically The “BAD BOYS” Detroit Pistons team consisted of Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer, and Isaiah Thomas.

Unfortunately, I was a 1-year-old at the time and totally unaware of the impact this team had on the NBA. At the time the NBA was played more physically; you could literally knock a player to the ground, push, and almost injure an opponent and receive a regular foul as a penalty. This is where the Bad Boy Pistons thrived, demolishing opponents, and it seemed their favorite targets were Michael Jordan and The Chicago Bulls. “The Jordan Rules” as they were affectionately called consisted of physically beating Jordan to a pulp for a few seasons.

However, this would be the downfall of the Pistons. In 1991, after putting on 15 pounds of muscle, Michael Jordan and the Bulls were able to defeat the Pistons. In shame or “just what teams did when they lost” (according to Bill Laimbeer ) the Detroit Pistons leave the floor, without shaking hands. Now, this would be fine if the last two losses to the Pistons didn’t result in Michael SHAKING THE ENTIRE TEAMS HAND IN DEFEAT. The unsportsmanlike conduct of the Pistons was reflected on by Isaiah Thomas, #11 on the Pistons at the time, who seemed to be resentful of his actions. He apologized stating he was following the lead of Laimbeer, whom also didn’t and still doesn’t feel sorry for his and the team’s actions. Michael Jordan expressed “There is nothing he can say now… Whatever he says now is a lie”, referring to Thomas’s apology for the walk-off.

What are your opinions on Isaiah Thomas and the Bad Boys walk off? Sound off below.

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