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US First Lady Michelle Obama laughs at t

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, wife to the 44th President, OUR PRESIDENT, President Barack Obama, is set to release her documentary “Becoming” next week on Netflix. PERFECT TIMING! With the United States still under quarantine because of the COVID-19 virus, I believe that we are due for a little inspiration and a reflection on where we used to be. We have been anticipating a documentary from the Obamas for quite sometime after their announcement of a partnership with Netflix that was announced following the relief of duty from presidency, and according to Michelle’s Instagram, @michelleobama, it is set to release on May 6. The documentary is set to cover her 3 month experiences following the release of her book “Becoming”. The film is directed by Nadia Hallgren, A BLACK WOMAN!

Will you be watching May 6th?

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