R. Kelly’s Ex Girlfriend Azriel Clary Plans To Tell It All In A YouTube Series

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Well, they say karma is B! R. Kelly is definitely getting his share of karma hunny. His ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary is finally ready to tell it all about the singer. Azriel reunited with her family and came home from Kelly’s grips a few months ago. She was one of the last girlfriends that remained and was continuing to lie on interviews and proclaim R Kelly was innocent. Now that she’s been home for a few months and had time to get herself back she is ready to spill all the tea. She said she will be telling everything about the 5 years she was with Kelly and was not allowed to talk to her family. Sis is going to be coming with receipts too text messages, voicemails and all of that! I definitely will be tuned in for her story! You can check out a video clip of her saying what’s to come below compliments of @theshaderoom.


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