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If your like me and don’t want to take the risk of going into Walmart to get necessities I have great news! Walmart now offers a new service called Walmart grocery directly on the website and on the walmart app. You can shop for groceries and household items from the comfort of your home. They offer 2 options you can drive to the store and pick up your order curbside or you can have your grocery order delivered right to your front door for a small fee. My first time using the service was this week & the delivery fee cost me $7.99, I found that to fee to be very reasonable. It’s a small price to pay to avoid going in the store and risking getting sick. It saves you all the work of hauling groceries & standing in lines. The delivery times are currently a few days out when I placed my order my delivery was scheduled for 6-7 days later. Hopefully the wait time will eventually decrease but I’m sure they have a high demand for the service right now and limited workers due to the pandemic. Go check it out and just make sure you do your grocery orders about a week in advance from when you need them to offset the current wait time for delivery. I hope this helps someone! Spread the word especially for the elderly.


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