Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Box.

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A pat on the back is definitely in order for two St. Louis organizations for doing their part to help make sure the people of North County are taken care of.

The St. Louis County NAACP and Epworth Children and Family Services had a food drive on Friday afternoon, packing nearly 1,000 sack lunches to be distributed in the community.

“The lunches were handed out to anyone who needed one at four locations, including 8319 Jennings Station Road, 2851 Cherokee Street, 7500 Natural Bridge Road, the intersection of Lewis and Clark Blvd., and Riverview Blvd. and the intersection of Halls Ferry Rd., and Goodfellow Blvd.”

“Those city buses and all kinds of people have been a great help in bringing the kids over to these stations and letting us get them the needs they have for lunch and dinner,” said Latosha Fowlkes with Epworth Children and Family Services.

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