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This quarantine is hitting a lot of peoples pockets hard & apparently Blac Chyna must be one of them! Child she’s been on Instagram advertising on her story that she is charging her followers $250 for a follow back and $750 for a FaceTime call with her. She’s been receiving a lot of backlash for doing this. I personally feel it looks very thirsty of Blac Chyna, but hey if people are dumb enough to pay her for followbacks and FaceTimes what can you say. If you follow Blac Chyna you will see she lives in a very nice home in LA that cost a pretty penny and she has a drive way full of very expensive exotic cars! I guess she has to do what she’s gotta do to maintain that lifestyle. You’d think she’d have money saved or an emergency fund for times like this instead of trying to sell followbacks and FaceTimes but hey I guess you can’t knock her hustle!

Blac Cyna Hosting

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Blac Chyna

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