How To Treat Your Nails While You’re Stuck At Home….

Woman applying nail polish

Source: Comstock / Getty

  • Clip your nails to the length that you want them to be.
  • With a fingernail file, file them into the shape that you desire so that they are smooth and even.
  • Use a buffer to remove any natural oils that may be on the top of your nails (so that your polish will “stick” better).
  • Use a cuticle stick to gently push back your cuticles.
  • With your gel kit (check out “Love Gel Manicures but Hate the Price? Try These At-Home Gel Nail Kits” if you want some suggestions on which one to buy), apply an extremely thin layer of the base coat on one hand. Put it underneath a cure light for 20 minutes, then repeat with your other hand.
  • Next, apply your first coat of gel polish to one hand. If you happen to get any of the polish onto your skin, dip a nail acrylic brush into some acetone to remove it. If you skip this step and the polish remains on your cuticles, your polish will peel a whole lot faster. Place your hand into your cure lamp for another two minutes, making sure to do this same step for every layer of polish that you apply.
  • Apply your top coat and let your hand sit in the cure lamp for 2-2 ½ minutes. Lightly tap the index finger of your other hand onto a couple of your polished fingers, just to make sure that they don’t feel sticky and the polish appears smooth. If you don’t feel “messiness”, you’re dry.
  • Finally, soak a cotton ball into some rubbing alcohol and rub each nail; it’s what will get rid of any “tackiness” or residue that your nails may have. And you’re done!

If you are someone who is more of a visual learner, some YouTube sistahs can walk you through this entire process. Check out some how-tos here, here and here. If you’d prefer to powder dip your nails instead, this video has some tips that I thought were super helpful.


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