If you follow socialite & comedian B. Simone on Instagram then you know she always proclaims her love for rapper Da Baby! That is her man in her imagination child. Well B Simone recently posted a pic of her with a mystery man hugging her with his hands on her booty and the tattoos on the hands gave away that the man in the pic was Da Baby. The caption B Simone used on the pic of the 2 hugged up was a heart with a lock & key emoji which even more makes you think they’re a new couple right.  Fans were going wild in the comments thinking B Simone had finally snagged her dream man but today Da Baby clarified that B Simone plays his lover in a new short film that he has coming out. He commented on B Simone’s pic of them and put #marketingqueen with a goat emoji & then proceeded to post a coming soon clip of the short film featuring B Simone. Womp womp womp how disappointing we really thought we had some hot tea on a new couple alert. You can check out B Simones actual post that set off all of the speculation below

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Da Baby Music Video

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B Simone at Improv

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