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Monday the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop aired and rapper Lightskinkeisha made her debut as the newest cast member. It was instantly drama with LSK joining the show because cast mate Bambi is not feeling her at all! Bambi claims her close friend Amy was Coco Vango’s woman until LSK came and stole him from under her girl. Bambi wants no parts of LSK and does not want her husband Lil Scrapi having any parts of her either. LSK had recently recorded a record with Scrappy and said he posted it but then took it down shortly after with no explanation. She also explained that whenever she see Scrapi when he’s with Bambi he won’t speak to her and doesn’t understand why. Well the reason why is because Bambi’s mad & claims LSK swooped in like a hawk and stole her friends man! Chile I don’t know what to believe because on the previews for next weeks episode LSK responds & says Coco Vango was completely done with Amy when she started dating him, Bambi says that’s lies! We have to stay tuned for the new episode Monday night to see Bambi & LSK meet face to face & clear the air. Tune into my reality tea segment Tuesday night at 7pm to get all the details on what happens.

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