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Yaya Mayweather has been in the media a lot in the past year due to her on and off again relationship with rapper NBA Youngboy. Yaya actually was rumored to be pregnant by NBA after she was seen looking very pregnant in a post she made on social media that was quickly deleted. She then proceeded to go months with out posting anything which was very odd. A lot of people speculate that Yaya did indeed deliver a baby by NBA and is hiding the child like they assume she hid the pregnancy. NBA recently released a song called “Dirty Iyanna” that’s about Yaya where he tells stories of their drama like her putting his car tires on flat and a bunch more! I wonder how Floyd Mayweather feels about his daughter dating a guy like NBA and all the negative publicity she gets behind all the constant drama. Every time the blogs post something related to issues with Yaya & NBA your sure to find 100’s of comments with people tagging Floyd Mayweathertelling him to come get his daughter. Whew child it’s messy messy! If you want to check out the footage of the girl running up on Yaya and them putting the paws on each other you can check it out below compliments of the @theshaderoom.

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