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I am a HUGE fan of director Guy Ritchie, with my favorite film of his being “SNATCH” which stars Brad Pitt. His non-chronological film-making style along with English humor has always drawn me to his films which feature some of the most off kilter characters put to screen, the only director that has him beat is Quinten Tarantino (my favorite director of all time). I bring this is up as Ritchie seems to have taken a page out of Tarantino’s playbook; The Gentlemen is extremely narrative driven; the film revolves a lot around the retelling of plot points in a quirky manner. For myself this is fine, although I do feel as if you wanted an action packed crime thriller this is not the film for you. I will say Colin Ferrell is HILARIOUS in every scene that he shows up and Hugh Grant seems to have a lot of fun playing a character outside of his comfort zone.

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KMJtheDJ rating for “THE GENTLEMEN” – 7/10

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