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If you have not tuned in to Love & Hip Hop Miami yet this season know that Joseline Hernandez is back baby! Instagram celebrity Premadonna mainly known for her waist shaper line has also joined the lhh Miami cast this season, and when I tell you there is beef between these two! Joseline & Premadonna have apparently gone at each others throats on social media and in media interviews in the past & now that they’re both on the show the beef continues. On the latest episode Premadonna throws a party to celebrate all of her current business endeavors and Joseline proves that she is the reigning queen of petty! While Premadonna is giving a speech at her party a semi truck with a full display screen begins to back into the venue. All of a sudden Joseline pops up on the screen interrupting Premadonna’s speech referring to her as Ms. Piggy. Joseline then proceeds to remind Premadonna that Miami is her city & says she brought her a gift. The truck doors open and 4 men usher out a huge dead roasted pig on a platter. When I tell you I was beyond weak! Listen if your going to beef with Joseline Hernandez you must go hard and be prepared because she plays no games and she is the queen of petty. We seen the way she dragged several of the women on LLh Atlanta cast for seasons & now she’s doing the same in Miami. Joseline ruined Premadonna’s event and flat-out embarrassed her in front of her guest. You have to stay tuned to next weeks Reality Tea segment Tuesday night on Ladies Night Radio to find out what happens next.

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