Ceaser and Miss Kitty Black Ink Crew

Source: Bernard Smalls/ Nagina Lane / @PhotosByBeanz/@PhotosByNae

Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry Black Ink Crew

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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This weeks Reality Tea comes from the show Black Ink Chicago. If you have not been tuning in this season let me get you hip! We all know Miss Kitty is a cast member of the Black Ink New York cast and that she has been shop owner Ceasar’s lil boo thang on the low for sometime. Well that all came to a screeching halt because it was being rumored that Kitty was also sneaking around messing with Ryan Henry the shop owner from the Black Ink Chicago! Ceasar was furious & fired Kitty over those accusations and guess where you can find her now…..on Black Ink Chicago! She cast hopped real quick & this season she has been filmed out on dates with Ryan Henry yet they are both still claiming to only be friends. It’s quite obvious they’re more like friends with benefits to me. Kitty denied and denied her having any dealings with Ryan to Ceasar on Black Ink New York last season but that most definitely smells like denial now. It’s looking like Kitty may be here to stay for a while on Black Ink Chicago since Charmaine hired her to work in her new tattoo shop 2nd City Ink. Unfortunately none of Charmaines staff are liking Kitty at all and do not want her there. It’s messy messy baby! You have to stay tuned for next Tuesday’s reality tea to find out more, but I predict that Miss Kitty is gonna be a problem on Black Ink Chicago & will end up trying to run back to Black Ink New York.

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