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I recently reported that Da Baby was caught on video allegedly assaulting a hotel employee in Beverly Hills. We all know Da Baby has had his fair share of incidents where he’s putting his paws on folks which has brung some criticism. So he took to his instagram to explain the details of what happened with this most recent scenario in Beverly Hills. Da Baby says the hotel employee approached him while he was holding his 2 year old daughter and asked if he could take a video of them. Da Baby says he calmly and respectfully told he hotel worker no & explained posting a video of him & his child would compromise their safety letting social media know where they are staying. The hotel worker proceeded to sneak & record the video anyway and Da Baby happened to see him as he was trying to type a caption. That is why Da Baby followed the worker in the hotel, pushed him, began to address him, & he then took his phone & made him delete the video. In this instance I completely understand Da Baby’s reasoning for getting upset. Pushing him probably wasn’t the greatest idea with all the other assault accusations against him but things happen in the heat of the moment. The hotel worker was definitely out of line to proceed recording him after he’d already been told no and was given a valid reason why. It’s has to get hard sometimes being a celebrity never getting privacy. Fans have to learn to chill and back off when a celebrity say’s no. They do have the right to their own private & personal space! You can check out Da baby’s IG post explaining the scenario below from @theshaderoom.

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