Power, Season 6, Episode 12, It's All Your Fault

Source: Power / Starz

It has been going down this week on social media with 100’s of users sharing leaked footage of Power showing “Who Shot Ghost”. That’s the question we all want to know & we wanted to continue watching the show to find out. Unfortunately there are videos circulating all over Facebook giving away the ending & many are in an uproar over it! They’re mad that others would post and share the leaked footage & give away the ending. Then multiple leaked videos with different endings started to circulate showing a different killer! It has been stressful few days for a real Power fan on facebook good lord! Well guess what? We were all set up by the king of petty himself 50 Cent! 50 took to his Instagram today to say, “Your gonna have to wait to find out who killed Ghost. 😠 I will leak more before this is over. I’ve prepared for every possible thing WELCOME TO THE 50CENT SHOW 🤨”.

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50 admitted that they’ve filmed several different false endings of Power and purposely leaked them! This man has had us all going crazy, & hundreds of people fighting in comments for nothing…lol Great job 50 that was genius! Tune in for the new episode this Sunday on Starz & you can catch Power updates Tuesday nights at 7pm on Ladies Night Radio! Tune in for my Reality Tea.

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