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In this climate everything is a joke!

Walmart assumed it was ok to release a sweater for sale with a Santa Clause and what looked to be white lines of powder (cocaine of course) with the saying “Let It Snow!”

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Now of course they’re apologizing for it because they’re getting dragged. Let them tell it, the outside company who produces the sweater is to blame for it. Yeah right!

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TSR STAFF: Tanya P.! @tanyaxpaynee ______________________ First of all, who disrespects Santa Claus?! It seems a retailer who got a lil’ cheeky with their Christmas sweaters slipped under Walmart’s radar and received backlash for their risqué design! Walmart apparently removed several pieces of holiday merchandise from its Canadian website after customers were offended by the sweater that showed Santa Claus being naughty. 👀 ______________________ According to the @WashingtonPost, the retail giant also apologized for the sweater that was offered by third-party seller FUN Wear. In the description, the company described the sweater as: “We all know how snow works. It’s white, powdery and the best snow comes straight from South America. That’s bad news for jolly old St. Nick, who lives far away in the North Pole. That’s why Santa really likes to savor the moment when he gets his hands on some quality, grade A, Colombian—hit the link in the bio to read more!

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