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Growing up in St. Louis in the early 2000’s we Mobbed Out, did the Mono/Nino Pop, the Chicken Head and Pop, Locked and Dropped it. So it’s only right for someone who lived through those moments to create a dance craze of his own.

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When you ask someone what they remember from the first 4 episodes of the Netflix Original show “Rhythm and Flow” some may say Flawless’s performance, Nipsey Hussle’s last appearance, D-Smoke rapping in Spanish or Nikee Turbo’s “Turbo Step.”

St. Louis native Nikee Turbo is an “out of the box” type of rapper. With every song he releases you can tell he takes his craft just a little bit more seriously and if you watch his music videos you get the feeling he’s okay not being like everybody else. I can tell you the positive person you saw on “Rhythm and Flow” is the same person you’ll encounter off camera.

I personally can’t wait to see what the future holds for this father of two and neither can Chance The Rapper.

Watch our interview below as we talk about Nikee Turbo’s road to “Rhythm and Flow,” ending violence in our community, his future endeavors (that includes his children) and his current single “SLAP.”


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Get to know Nikee Turbo through his music (below):


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