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KV The Writer is no longer sitting on the sidelines, she’s in the game and is grinding to make her dreams a reality.

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After the passing of her late brother Tyrell “Rell Finesse” Thompson it dawn on KV the Writer that life is short and she should be living it to the fullest. KV admitted that she released her first project ever in April of this year, after studying other artists. She also recently released “The Ratchet Tape” to rave views and now has the opportunity to perform at the A3C festival in Atlanta.

KV told Delux Magazine earlier this year that “I just want to connect with people. I make music about very human experiences, and I want to send the message that “Hey, you are not alone. What you are going through is a story of many similar stories.”

Watch my interview with my long lost friend KV the Writer (below) as we discuss her projects “Love Sucks” and “The Ratchet Tape,” as well as love, zodiac signs and future endeavors.


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Listen to  KV The Writer’s music below:



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