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Has the self proclaimed “Hardest White Boy in the Lou” turned over a new leaf….

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You may know VladHQ as the St. Louis rapper who made national headlines last year when he threatened National Recording artist Lil Xan. The threat caused The Pageant to cancel Lil Xan’s show and a plethora of problems for VladHQ.  It’s safe to say VladHQ soon realized all press isn’t good press.

Currently going through a rebranding phase, VladHQ is looking to bring St. Louis rappers together. Although he knows people are going to make it difficult for him because he’s a white rapper, VladHQ is determine to show everyone how talented and business savvy he truly is.


So don’t think of him as the “Hardest White Boy in the Lou” anymore because that ship has sailed… well kind of… you just have to watch his interview to see what i’m talking about.

Here’s the diss song VladHQ dropped against Lil Xan:


Watch VladHQ’s interview with STL Playlist (below):


Here is the song Vlad did with local rapper Sexyy Red:


Follow VladHQ’s journey on IG: @VladHQ


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