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YMCMB let me introduce you to your next artist… Rich Rudy Rose!

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Often times we forget about our brothers and sisters on the other side of the Mississippi River, but if Rich Rudy Rose has his way we’ll be celebrating his city’s musical success soon!

Rich Rudy Rose is a native of East St. Louis (IL) and just happens to be influenced by Rap Legend Lil Wayne (hence my opening sentence). During my interview with Rich Rudy Rose we talked about him falling in love with music, growing up in East St. Louis and going on tour with Drake.

Look out for Rich Rudy Rose new project, that should be coming out before the end of the year.


Follow Rich Rudy Rose on Instagram: @1luhrose


Watch Rich Rudy Rose’s interview with the STL Playlist below:

Over the past 5 years Rich Rudy Rose has hustled his way to the top rap scene in East St. Louis and here are a few music videos he’s released during his journey.



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