Yes, let’s be honest – we all have moments that blow us off our cool, BUT how we handle that difficult and challenging moment speaks volumes about your character, your integrity, and most of all – your personality.

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I personally feel it’s extremely important to find ways to keep “your cool” and with Jhene Aiko’s “Trigger Protection Mantra”, this track will allow you to clear your mind and to gain control of yourself – to keep you from regretting some things you might say (because believe me when I say, there’s power in your tongue and the words you use) as well as, your actions. Responding to people when we’re angry can do more damage than what has already been done from the person who was already “on one” who started it . . . then next thing you know, you’re just as wrong as them.

So with that being said, I want you to listen to this track – light a candle/incense (whatever you prefer), sit down on the ground Indian-style with no distractions (just you) and turn this song on and allow your mind to escape and begin to paint the picture of you “Protecting your energy”.

If you are new to meditating, check out below on Meditating for Beginners” — If you find this post to be helpful to you, tweet me your experience at @HelloMeghanO on Twitter ;)

I pray you find peace :)


Meghan O







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