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National recording artist 5ive (Born Will Porter) is a young man who is on his way to turning the tragedy of losing his twin brother, Walter Porter, into a triumph for him and his entire family.

Born and raised is St. Louis, Mo both Porter twins were aspiring music artists, Walter was the rapper and 5ive was the singer. But late last year (2018) Walter passed away and what started as open letter to his brother expressing the pain he was feeling, 5ive finished and released the song “Me and My Brother.” The music video for “Me and My Brother” has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube and has been streamed over 6.7 million times on Spotify since its release late last year (2018).

Unfortunately with all the tragic shootings occurring across the country 5ive’s song has struck a cord with the youth, that has turned this song into an anthem for those going through the same grief. Yet after sitting down and talking to 5ive it’s evident he plans on showing the youth that they to can overcome this pain.

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Here is 5ive’s interview with STL Playlist below:


Watch the “Me and My Brother” music video below:





Candlelight Vigil In Remembrance of Jurnee & Our Children
Candlelight Vigil In Remembrance of Jurnee & Our Children
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