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Today’s topic of the day was from a male listener who needed major advice after falling in love with his daughter friend.

Here’s what he wrote in: Lil Dee and Miss Pooh I need some major advice. I’m a successful bachelor in my late 40’s. I’ve never been married of been into committed relationships and that includes my daughter’s mother. You can say I have been a player most of my life. I’m just not the marrying type, well until now. I’ve been seeing this young woman for about 3 months (on the low) and i’m crazy about her. She makes me feel like a new man. I even think i’m in love with her. But there’s more. She is 23 AND she is one of my daughter’s friends. I’m not the kind of man that usually goes for younger women but this lady is very mature for her age. My daughter is 22 and very territorial about her dad. She’s a daddy’s girl and knows about my promiscuous ways. I’ve told her I was dating but didn’t tell her who. She also talks to her friend about me a lot and says mean things about the women I date. The woman I’m dating wants me to open up to my daughter and everyone else about us. I’m kinda nervous because of my daughter. What should I do, take my daughters feelings into consideration and the public scrutiny, or follow my heart and keep loving on this beautiful woman and tell my daughter and everyone else?

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Our listeners were doing their best not to judge and to help him out. Here’s a recap:

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