According to TMZ, the couple may be taking a big step in their relationship.  Allegedly, Nicki and her boo Kenneth were seen at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on Monday. Witnesses say that the couple were at the marriage license bureau window and got all the paperwork they need to step toward the alter.  BUT, they’re trying to keep it all lowkey.

Apparently, they set up an appointment to get the marriage license while wearing ball caps trying to not be seen. I don’t blame them though, everyone knows things can turn ugly when everyone’s in your business. It’s not confirmed when exactly Nicki and Kenneth will tie the knot, but usually, a marriage license is grabbed before the nuptials.  The two have been dating for a year now after reuniting from their teenage days.

It’s a fact that the guys can’t get enough of Nicki, but they always mess it up with her while trying to be City Boys.  Hopefully, this relationship will last.  I lowkey think they will though since he knew her before the fame.  Maybe this is something she needs.  Written By: Jasmine Lotts (IG: Jazz_alyssa)


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