Black Ink Fight

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In today’s topic of the day two friends split all over a fight. Here’s what she wrote If your friend is in the wrong, do you still jump in the fight?” Ok so we go out on Friday and my homegirl ran into some lame ass gurl she had beef with from way back in the day even before I knew her. A few words were exchanged and before I knew it they were pulling each others hair. It was a one on one fight and I didn’t want to get in that mess because the other girl had all of her friends pumping her up. My girl got her dress ripped and some of her hair torn out but she didn’t get whooped. But she is mad at me because I didn’t help her. I guess she was expecting me to jump in her fight. I told her I didn’t start that mess and I didn’t even know what they had beef for. I woulda jumped in if it wasn’t one on one but she said she wasn’t taking me anywhere with her anymore because I didn’t have her back. I’m not mad about it, but it’s the principle that she would cut me off because of her s**t. Was I wrong for not jumpin in to help her out? Should I cut her off as a friend? I know I coulda whooped every girl out there but I didn’t get dressed to go out to fight. I woulda left on my jeans and tennis shoes to do that.

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