Happy gay couple in New York

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Today’s topic comes from a female listener,

Hello Pooh and D,

I am in a state of emergency. I am set to get married in 2 months and about a month ago I found information that my fiance is in bisex/gay chat rooms. I used his laptop when mine crashed and all this spam stuff popped up so my curious mind went to his history and saw all the places he visited. To be honest I wasn’t so much bothered by the chat rooms but the fact that he was interested in bi-men. I confronted him about it and he said that he wasn’t gay but admitted that he has watched that type of porn. He went on to say he isn’t planning on acting on it but I know it’s on his mind. I cant marry a bisexual/gay man. I told my mom that the plans are on hold for now because of “budget” but is this a deal breaker when you truly love a person? is it normal for a guy to be curious and not act? I honestly don’t know what to do? Please give some advice..

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