Tierra Whack Drops Unemployed

Source: Nick Canonica, courtesy of Tierra Whack / Nick Canonica, courtesy of Tierra Whack


23 year old, Philly native “Tierra Whack” is my next Finally In Rotation artist!

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Born in the City of Brotherly Love, Tierra Whack, is a unique and refreshing voice in Hip Hop music and it’s not because her videos are different, it’s because Tierra is using her voice to convey a message to the world. When asked about her childhood during an interview with Pitchfork Tierra said:  “I was pretty shy. I always knew I had something, but I didn’t really know what it was. When I figured out that I liked to write and rhyme words, it gave me a way to express myself.” And expressing herself is exactly what she’s doing!

Recently Tierra was nominated for a Grammy in 2019 for her “Mumbo Jumbo” music video. Deemed the “Missy Elliott” of her generation for her creativity, Tierra has yet to disappoint her fans visually.  Watch Tierra’s Grammy Nominted music video “Mumbo Jumbo” below:


Being nominated for a Grammy as an up and coming artists can be difficult to comprehend and even harder when you get your hopes to win and you don’t. So after being nominated for a Grammy earlier this year, Tierra sat down with Apple Radio’s Ebro to talk more about her rise to fame.


Watch Tierra’s music video for her album Whack World video below:

The video for Whack World has grossed over 3 million views on YouTube, but it’s her music video for her single “Unemployed” that caught the attention of fellow Female MC, Remy Ma. During Remy Ma’s sit down with Genius she was asked to co-sign a up and coming female rapper and she chose to co-sign… Tierra Whack. Watch the video of Remy talking about Tierra below:

Another reason Tierra is adored by her fans is because she’s just a regular 23 year old woman that just happens to rap. On the weekends you can catch her working part-time as a door person at  a upscale condominium in Philly and according to Tierra’s interview with NPR she still lives at home with her family. Yet the most refreshing thing about Tierra Whack is that doesn’t care if you like her or her intricate rhymes.

Here is Dizzle Dizz aka Tierra Whack performing for ASAP Rocky back in the day:


When you go on about your life and you finally hear Tierra Whack make it to your radio, just remember these words and celebrate this young creative and her accomplishments:

“I started music to be myself — to release and express — so I have to make sure that I’m staying true to me and making myself happy,” Whack says. “At the end of the day, music is becoming my work. I’ve always been a great worker at any job I’ve had. All I can do is work and show and take action, so that’s what I’m doing.” – Tierra Whack (NPR interview)

Watch Tierra Whack perform one of her new singles  “Only Child” below:


Bonus clip of Dizzle Dizz aka Tierra Whack rapping for Meek Mill:

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