Yesssssss hats off to every single college student that is working towards accomplishing every dang goal . . . but for the college student that is interested in traveling overseas to have an experience that will completely sharpen their perspective of their own life – then just wait till I tell you what Jay-Z has up his sleeves.

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I personally feel every young adult should definetly travel abroad – even if it’s just for one week – leave your comfort zone and expand your mind. Allow yourself to be free and to truly learn yourself. And for real, leaving the United States of America will do just that. When I was 24, I went to London and I was like “what are Euros – oh here’s Buckingham Palace lol” That entire experience was like WTF because I was by myself taking the Underground (similar to our Metrolink) and when I tell you I was so lost and lost my money (totally laughing now lol) but at that time – it was the test of time – and I made it! Stronger and better than ever!

Saying that to say, that completely made me feel so powerful after being on foreign grounds and I made it back home … safely in ONE PIECE! Oh yeah, needless to say I was out of the states again shortly after that!

So please, if you’ve been thinking of leaving the US to study abroad – why not? Especially since Jay-Z is offering a scholarship for you! Or if you know someone who is, please share this!

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