Friendship Dispute

Source: Kris Hanke / Getty

On today’s Topic Of The Day with @MissPoohOnAir and @DGreeneRadio a woman is having the biggest dispute with her supposed friend.

Here’s what she wrote in:

“I recently found out that my best friend, whom I consider my sister, was bad mouthing me at my wedding. This chick was my maid of honor, and we have been friends for 24 years. We have been through everything together. I am closer to this girl than I am to my own sister. I was so hurt when I found out what she was saying about me, and I have not talked to her since. She was pretending to be supportive during the planning process, and the whole time she was dissing me. A part of me wants to blow the whistle on her and tell her husband that she is sleeping with his best friend, who is also my sister’s ex-fiancé. But a part of me doesn’t want to do anything, and just keep my distance like I have been doing. I’m so hurt that someone I consider family would be so trifling, I’ve never expressed my feeling to her, or anyone for that matter when she married her no good, cheating, batterer husband. I was there for her when she needed me, and have also been a shoulder for her to lean on whenever she needed it. Because, she is my friend and I knew she loved him and that’s what friends do. My husband may not be perfect but as far as I know he doesn’t cheat on me and he certainly doesn’t put his hands on me. It seems like she can never and has never been happy for me. What to do?”