Kentucky native, and St. Louis social butterfly Keisha Mabry has been on the scene breaking the standard in all areas of the media.

From public speaking, writing books, traveling the world, to putting on one of the most highly anticipated mogul making workshop events, entitled, “MastHERclass,” Keisha Mabry is a true definition of a Missfit! What better way to pick her brain and really get the inside scoop on how she collects the bag by doing the things she loves? Having her on Miss Pooh’s Missbehavin Foreal Podcast of course!

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In this episode @MissPoohOnAir and co-host @SimplyyAsiaa sit down with @KeishaMabry in a more intimate setting to get the story we all have been wanting to know: How have you “MastHERed” your magic moment? How do you keep going? When did the cash start to flow? And most of all, how does love for sellf, hubby, and buisness balance itself out?

We got all the tea in the episode below:

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